Wholesale & Retail Opportunities

Wholesale & Retail Opportunities

The Soap Hut is continuously looking to expand our market coverage, and we are always looking for new wholesale and retail clients.


A little about The Soap Hut…

The Soap Hut is a family based soap company located in Bolton, Ontario, and we produce handcrafted cold processed soaps, that are moisturizing, cleansing and fragrant, made from natural, quality ingredients.

All of our soap recipes and ingredients are registered with Health Canada where required by law.

 The Soap Hut has excellent wholesale pricing, and some of the lowest wholesale minimum order quantities in the industry. We can offer our full line of The Soap Hut soaps, custom soaps, signature soaps exclusive to your branding. We can provide the soap labeled and packaged under our brand, your brand, or unlabeled and unpackaged.

  The Soap Hut has very flexible wholesale terms and conditions that we like to cater to each individual client after meeting and discussing our mutual requirements.

 The Soap Hut appreciates our clients in their efforts to market our product, and we will only set up one client in any specific area to protect your marketing efforts, on our behalf.


As we are a small business, we are not required to collect or remit HST, and we do have very flexible delivery terms, depending on your location.


The Soap Hut strives to provide the most luxurious, handcrafted, cold processed Soap, and the very best in Customer Service.


Contact us, or email us, and The Soap Hut will be very pleased to work together with you.

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